Markets, beaches and restaurants during COVID


We are going through strange times in Portugal as well as everywhere else in this world now.

In Portugal, we are experiencing stops and starts as we work our way into some form of “normality”.

During this time, I limit my explorations but still want to get out and share what I see and experience.

Last weekend I decided to explore the LX Factory in Lisbon which is in the district of Alcântara, an area in the southern part of Lisbon where much of the manufacturing was done. As in other cities, where neighborhoods are abandoned, artists have moved in.

So last Sunday I took the train to the Alacantara stop and began walking using Google Maps as my guide. (This is not always a good idea particularly in a city with small twisty streets and many with no names seen on placards or signs.) I decided to not rely on Google and began my trek up the hill to the community.

This is where being lost in Lisbon becomes fun.

Along the way, I recognized a restaurant I had visited during the holidays with friends, The Garage Smokehouse and BBQ.


Being a Sunday and having no reason to hurry, I decided to treat myself to some American style barbecue and I was not disappointed.

A pulled-pork sandwich with macaroni salad.

By the way, The Smokehouse is having a 4th of July special BBQ dinner, in-house, take out and delivery.

After enjoying some home-style BBQ, I was off to the LX Factory.


This is usually a busy scene with people dining and shopping but was very quiet that day.

The restaurants and shops were open but there were few people walking and visiting the establishments.

I did discover the largest art supply store so far during my travels and it is the Ponto das Artes in the LX Factory.



The staff was very helpful and this will now be my go-to place for art supplies.

On my way back to the train station, I walked by a restaurant I visited when I first arrived in Portugal, Porco Fumado.


The food there was excellent!

It was established by two men from Brazil who know how to smoke meat and make a good beer.

I am not much of a beer drinker but they set out 6 samples of handcrafted beer made in their brewery and they were all delicious!

This restaurant is highly recommended.

Time Out wrote a review of this restaurant you might enjoy and can be read in English thanks to Google Translate.


When I returned to Cascais, the Mercado was still open and the fruit this time of year is amazing, particularly the peaches. There are also loads of strawberries, apricots, cherries and plums along with tomatoes and bell peppers.


I also stopped in at my favorite shop in the Mercado that has the best dried fruits and an excellent variety of nuts.


The next day I was running errands in town and there was a sidewalk market in the park.

I decided to stop and see what was on the tables filled with handmade wares and books and one bracelet caught my eye.


The artist craftsman who made this piece is Nuno Kampos. He is a Portuguese artist who creates sculptures and interesting pieces of jewelry.


I chose a ring that I am wearing now and love it.

A bracelet design.

You can find him on Instagram, Facebook and at his website NK Jewelry Design.

That’s it for now but I will leave you with views of Guincho Beach, the beach I walk to a few days each week.

The boardwalk over the Dunes of Cremina that lead to Guincho Beach.
On the beach, lanes are set up and umbrellas positioned six feet apart.
There are always surfers and windsurfers at the beach.
After my walk, I stopped at the Duna Cresmina cafe for a wrap.

Until next time…

Dora Taylor

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