Mercado 31 de Janeiro, Lisbon

There are many mercados in Lisbon as there are throughout Portugal. Mercados are markets, either open-air or in large, spacious buildings, where farmers come to sell their produce. There are also fish stalls, cheese booths, usually at least one butcher, fresh catches of fish, an area that sells bread and there are always fresh flowers, herbs and small plants. And of course, there is always … Continue reading Mercado 31 de Janeiro, Lisbon

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Architectural Design: The Old and the New

There are the wonderful buildings in Portugal that go back one, two or more centuries and there is the new which reflects on what has been built before, providing glimpses into the past but designed and built today with an eye towards the future. We will start with the past and the Casa da Alentejo. Originally built in the 1600’s, the Alverca Palace was the … Continue reading Architectural Design: The Old and the New

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Spring in Lisbon: Grato

The above was created by a street artist who comes from Ireland and has been living in Lisbon for 1 1/2 years. He painted “grato” which means “thankful” or “grateful” in Portuguese and has a similar meaning in old Irish. When I spoke to him about the word, we understood what it meant for both of us. Two weeks ago I enjoyed my first trip … Continue reading Spring in Lisbon: Grato

April in Lisbon

April feels like life went from black and white to color, from somber chamber music to jazz. Portugal slowly and methodically began to open again, first outdoor seating at cafes and the opening of small shops then the larger stores opened and students return to school. What was a hauntingly quiet Avenida Liberdade once again came to life with cars, bikes, scooters, motorcycles and people, … Continue reading April in Lisbon

The Lights of Lisbon

Tis the season of delicious sweets, music and lights along with the hope of a better year to come. One good start for 2021, besides having a new President in the US, will be Portugal’s Prime Minister António Costa filling the position on January 1st of the presidency of the Council of the European Union. The presidency of the Council of the European Union is … Continue reading The Lights of Lisbon

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Exploring Lisbon

A family having fun along the Arte Galeria where everyone is able to express their artistry and thoughts Because of the increase in COVID cases along with travel restrictions and curfew hours mandated in Portugal, I have not been traveling outside of the Lisbon municipality since mid-November. You can find out about the regulations put into place at the US Embassy in Portugal website. Fortunately, … Continue reading Exploring Lisbon

More on Lisbon

Since moving to Lisbon from Cascais, I have much to report but first, news about COVID. As of this writing, Portugal has returned to a State of Calamity which means restrictions on gatherings and travel. Public gatherings of more than five people are banned and there is an appeal by leadership for everyone to wear a mask on public streets, as is required in all buildings, and to … Continue reading More on Lisbon

First I was lost in Lisbon, now I live there

The Move While living in Cascais, which is a beautiful town, I have been looking for my own place for the last two months. After considering all possible locations in Portugal, I decided I wanted to have easy access to Lisbon. I love the city and from Lisbon I am able to take a train or a short flight to anywhere in the EU and … Continue reading First I was lost in Lisbon, now I live there

A discovered artist, the necessities of life and a walk in the park

Readers are noticing that my posts have been few and far between but that is only because my explorations have been limited to the Lisbon District and no further. By now I was to visit Evora, Setubal, Comporta and Obidos but my plans have changed due to COVID. I am staying close to home and venture out only as necessary but I am still making … Continue reading A discovered artist, the necessities of life and a walk in the park

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Markets, beaches and restaurants during COVID

We are going through strange times in Portugal as well as everywhere else in this world now. In Portugal, we are experiencing stops and starts as we work our way into some form of “normality”. During this time, I limit my explorations but still want to get out and share what I see and experience. Last weekend I decided to explore the LX Factory in … Continue reading Markets, beaches and restaurants during COVID