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Caldas da Rainha, Foz do Arelho and Obidos

This summer I enjoyed being on the Silver Coast and having an opportunity to know part of this beautiful area of the country. The sun was warm, the skies clear and the sea inviting. The Silver Coast, also known as the Costa da Prata, refers to the stretch of coastline above Lisbon and below Porto dotted with towns and stretches of beautiful beaches. The term … Continue reading Caldas da Rainha, Foz do Arelho and Obidos

A Class on the Architectural History of Portugal

I teach an introductory class in architecture for young students as well as adults. Recently, I was asked by someone who plans to move to Portugal to introduce her to the country through the eyes of an architect. Because of my interest in the history of Portugal and how it is reflected in architectural design, I was happy to provide her with a class. That … Continue reading A Class on the Architectural History of Portugal

Next Stop, Faro

There has been a long interval between posts but I was determined to finish a book by Christmas, which I did. Then I took a few weeks off to celebrate its completion along with the holiday season. I am back now with more stories as I continue on my adventures. My next stop during my visit to the Algarve is Faro, a coastal town with … Continue reading Next Stop, Faro

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Portimao is along the southern coast of Portugal with a strip of beach along a background of beautiful cliffs. It’s a quiet town relative to Lisbon and Porto but becomes extremely busy in the summer as a tourist destination and a point from where you can explore the Algarve. For that reason there is a long strip of commercial enterprise above the beaches made up … Continue reading Portimao

A Day in Alvor, Portugal

I have been remiss with my posts but I got busy finishing a book that I promised myself I would finish by years’ end and I accomplished that goal so now, for two weeks, I am taking a break and enjoying…writing. Now onto Alvor. Alvor, which is a short ride from Portimao, was the next stop on our tour through the Algarve. The history of … Continue reading A Day in Alvor, Portugal

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The Algarve, Part 1: Sagres

Overview of the Algarve This series on the Algarve is dedicated to my daughter for her love of archeology and history and to my grandson who loves pirates. My interest during this first exploration of the Algarve was the historical aspect and how it is reflected in the architecture of the area due to its influence by several cultures that have inhabited what is called … Continue reading The Algarve, Part 1: Sagres

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Recommended Portuguese Owned Businesses

This post continues with Portuguese owned businesses and ideas on business opportunities in Portugal. Please note that no individual or company is paying me to offer these recommendations. What I write is based on my own experience with these businesses. First up this month is Manuel Tavares’ Cellar and Fine Grocery Shop founded in 1860 and just down the street from Confeitaria Nacional, a bakery … Continue reading Recommended Portuguese Owned Businesses

Mercado 31 de Janeiro, Lisbon

There are many mercados in Lisbon as there are throughout Portugal. Mercados are markets, either open-air or in large, spacious buildings, where farmers come to sell their produce. There are also fish stalls, cheese booths, usually at least one butcher, fresh catches of fish, an area that sells bread and there are always fresh flowers, herbs and small plants. And of course, there is always … Continue reading Mercado 31 de Janeiro, Lisbon

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Architectural Design: The Old and the New

There are the wonderful buildings in Portugal that go back one, two or more centuries and there is the new which reflects on what has been built before, providing glimpses into the past but designed and built today with an eye towards the future. We will start with the past and the Casa da Alentejo. Originally built in the 1600’s, the Alverca Palace was the … Continue reading Architectural Design: The Old and the New