I write a lot in different capacities, as an architect, a teacher, a journalist and as an advocate for public education but this time it’s different.

This site is more personal and about my adventures through Europe and my musings on whatever subjects come to mind.

I moved to Portugal from the US in September and want to share my experiences for those who are thinking about doing the same or are simply curious about what Portugal and beyond is like.

Although I’m at retirement age, I, along with many others, choose to continue working and fulfilling my dreams. I still teach Architecture 101 to students of all ages and am completing a book that I started years ago on the subject.

Aside from my work, I plan to travel and explore this side of the world. Because flights within the EU and to the continent of Africa are so low, it’s easy to hop from Lisbon to London or Morocco and that will be the focus of my blog, the explorations I make along with lots of photos.

So with that brief introduction, I welcome all who are interested in joining me during my journey.

-Dora Taylor


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