A Class on the Architectural History of Portugal

I teach an introductory class in architecture for young students as well as adults.

Recently, I was asked by someone who plans to move to Portugal to introduce her to the country through the eyes of an architect.

Because of my interest in the history of Portugal and how it is reflected in architectural design, I was happy to provide her with a class. That first class has led me to offering sessions on Portuguese history and how that is reflected in the structures built through the centuries.

The introductory class is for two hours and the time can be divided into two one-hour sessions or we can go through the architectural history within a two-hour period.

The online classes are provided on an individual basis or as a group. For groups, I limit the class to four people to ensure everyone has time to ask questions and discuss the subject.

The class will cover early built forms, the cultures that have influenced the architecture of Portugal, how Portuguese society and its values are reflected in architectural design along with a brief background of what was happening in the surrounding areas during these periods, specifically in France, Spain, England and North Africa.

The fee is 50 euros or the equivalent in all other currencies for individual classes and 35 euros per student for group classes of two to four participants.

Anyone is welcome to participate, whether you live in Portugal, plan to move to this beautiful country or just want to learn more about this part of the world.

If you have any questions, please contact me at dora.taylor@icloud.com.

-Dora Taylor

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