The Tower of Igreja Matriz de Santigo (the Mother Church of Santiago)

Tavira is a town I want to return to, possibly in November, when the temperature goes down to a more comfortable 80 degrees or so.

It is a very picturesque location on the Gilão river with bridges, boats and cafes along the river.

tavira-portugal (1)

Aerial view of Tavira (photo not mine)

During our short day visit, my favorite stop was walking among the remains of thick stone walls draped with Bougainvillea which are the remnants of the Castelo de Tavira (Tavira Castle) with lovely gardens providing shade on a hot day.

travira castle


Faro garden

The towers of Igreja de Santa Maria do Castelo seen beyond the castle wall

Faro air bnb

A shady spot

From there we walked down the street filled with interesting shops and restaurants to an open expanse next to the river where people sat at cafe tables enjoying the view.

Before leaving Tavira, we visited the Igreja da Misericórdia (Church of Mercy)

Church of Misericordia

Above is the main alter of the church.

Construction on the Igreja da Misericórdia began in 1541 and was completed about ten years later.

The entry to the church is an example of the Portuguese Renaissance style although the interior ornamentation is decidedly Baroque as it was created much later, in 1722.

Around 1760, the azulejo tiles were made that cover the lower part of the walls of the church.


An interesting approach to wall design that I came across in several towns of the Algarve

Tavira is a place I want to return to and explore. The winding streets and expansive plazas have intrigued me.

Dora Taylor


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