Recommended Portuguese Owned Businesses


This post continues with Portuguese owned businesses and ideas on business opportunities in Portugal.

Please note that no individual or company is paying me to offer these recommendations. What I write is based on my own experience with these businesses.


First up this month is Manuel Tavares’ Cellar and Fine Grocery Shop founded in 1860 and just down the street from Confeitaria Nacional, a bakery I featured in a past post. Manuel Tavares was mentioned this year in the Financial Times as “One of the 50 best food stores in the world” and I tend to agree even though I haven’t visited the other 49 😉

They have beautiful displays during each holiday including Easter.

I visit the store for the dried fruit and shelled nuts but there are other treats such as high quality chocolates, ports, cured meats, cheeses and hard to find gourmet items.

During any holiday there is a line along the sidewalk as everyone waits to pick up special treats. They also have duty-free shopping for those who want to send packages outside of the EU.

This shop is highly recommended and a delight for everyone who enters.


Up the hill from the Chiado in Lisbon is a yarn shop called Retrosaria. They sell hand dyed Portuguese wool yarn which is very hard to find in Portugal.

*Correction: They are moving in August to a new location in the Interdente neighborhood in Lisbon. You can found out more about the move here.


My daughter knits and asked me to send her wool yarn hand spun in Portugal. I found out during my search only one shop in Lisbon sells wool yarn and the only shop that sells hand dyed and hand spun yarn made in Portugal. The spun wool yarn I purchased for my daughter, and later for a friend, is spun by one woman in northern Portugal. This is unfortunately a product that will disappear if someone doesn’t take the initiative to increase the production of this beautiful yarn. Portugal has plenty of sheep so the natural resource is there. What is needed are people interested in learning the art of spinning as has been done in this country for centuries and others with business acumen to create an international market.


Another Portuguese company that sells a quality product is Softinos, a shoe I wear all the time.


Made in Portugal, they know what you need to travail over the smooth cobblestone and undulating sidewalks of this country with the perfect sole. The shoes are comfortable and my winter pair of black tennis-style shoes also have an additional soft lining that keeps my feet dry and warm.

Their shoes are stylish and I would call them a fashionable walking shoe for women.

Talking about style, I must put in a word for my hair stylist, Iryna, at Toni and Guy in Cascais. My hair is a special kind of curly that few can master but Iryna does it. I have recommended her to friends with different hair types and textures and she has done a superb job with their hairstyles as well.

A highly recommended hair master.


One more recommendation this week goes to Paulo Lopes, an excellent carpenter and designer. He receives projects by word of mouth because it is well-crafted and executed. His work is high end and his projects are mostly in the Algarve.

As an architect, I have an eye for construction details and materials and Paulo’s work is the best I have seen in Portugal and rivals any mill shop in the US.

He produces work in wood and stone and many times designs the pieces he makes. Paulo Lopes can be contacted by phone at 911 762 004.

To follow are two of his on-going installations in the Algarve.







Until next time,

Stay safe and enjoy these remaining summer days.

Dora Taylor

5 thoughts on “Recommended Portuguese Owned Businesses

  1. Good evening! Loved your post. We moved here a year ago from Seattle, and I have been searching for a hairstylist who can cut curly hair, and speak English!

    On another note, I believe Retrosaria Rosa Pomar recently moved out of Chiado.


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