Adventures in the ER, hamburgers in Portugal and a shop of prints

First, some good news about COVID in Portugal.

As the graph indicates, due to the vigilance and care that has been taken by those in the government along with the people of Portugal who have followed the guidance and the rules at each stage, Portugal has seen a decline in cases of COVID.

We have been warned, though, that Portugal will go into a State of Contingency on September 15th in anticipation of cases rising with the opening of schools and many returning to work.

I appreciate the realistic approach the leaders in Portugal have taken and feel confident we will make it through whatever may come in the Fall.

For those living in Portugal there is now the app Stay Away that has been rolled out recently. Click EN for the site in English.

I have it on my phone, you can get it on your iPhone and on an Android. It works well and is highly recommended.

My adventure in the ER

The bike path towards Guincho Beach taken just before my fall.

Speaking of falls, I had quite a spill on Monday and fractured my humerus bone in two places.

At this time, I am typing with one hand so you can imagine what that’s like.

Guincho Beach and getting closer to where it happened.

I want to share with you my experience in the Emergency Room at CUF in Cascais. Those who live or lived in the US may be quite surprised at how different the experience is in Portugal.

Because I am not quite proficient at one-hand typing, I thought I would share this story on a recording. I used Anchor to make this podcast.

Here goes!

Click here for the podcast “My great adventure in the ER”.

I will return soon to continue my ride along the ocean.

Since my fall I also want to share with you how kind and considerate people have been here.

On my first trip to the grocery store after fracturing my arm, I got my shopping cart and was very pleased with myself how well I could manage a cart through the aisles with one hand.

When I got to checkout, I waited for the cashier to tell me it was OK to come forward, giving them an opportunity to wipe down the conveyor belt before unloading my cart.

The lady told me to wait and I nodded in understanding. But, instead she continued to be adamant for me to wait. That’s cool. I can wait.

Then, she proceeded to get out of her chair, come to the cart and unload it, shooing me away from touching anything.

At Auchan’s you bag your own groceries and I was ready to do that but the clerk again insisted, after she checked in the groceries, to again, get up, go around the counter and bag my groceries, not allowing me to touch anything.

I paid and thanked her profusely, leaving the store with a tear in my eye.

These are the people of Portugal.

During my last trip into Lisbon, before my fall, I really wanted a hamburger. Folks in or from the US, you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout. A juicy, tasty burger that is sooo satisfying it takes you back to the drive-in restaurants in Los Angeles. For me it’s Tiny Naylor’s in Hollywood where we would roll up to the drive-in burger restaurant in our big Chrysler and order burgers and shakes with a side of fries, each, to a waitress on roller skates.

That may be too far back for most of you but you know what I mean.

My expectations were low on finding such a burger or a close proximity of one in Lisbon, but I remembered there is a burger place in the TimeOut market which is conveniently located, for me, across the street from the Cais do Sodre train station, the last stop between Cascais and Lisbon.

It is the Mercado da Ribeira.

I went into the magnificent marketplace building and ventured towards TimeOut. There was no line to get in so after cleaning my hands, with mask in place, I found Ground Burger, “Old school American burgers”. Indeed they were just like the ones I remember as a kid. Simple yet elegant. A slice of red onion and tomato, pickles and of course, they’re special sauce. The key to this burger though, is the outstanding quality of the meat and it’s preparation.

If you are in Lisbon and want the burger you always remembered, check out Ground Burger. It is highly recommended.

After enjoying lunch, I walked through the market where local artists and craftspersons sell their wares and came across a stand of bags, wallets and wall hangings made out of recycled signs.

I bought a brightly colored shopping bag that has handy pockets on the inside and can be easily cleaned.

For those living in Portugal, this is a nice gift idea to send to friends and family in other countries. The purses and wallets are lightweight and can fold easily into a mailing envelop.

The company is FORM-A and the owner with her goods can be found in different markets in Lisbon. Check the website for locations.

After doing some shopping in the Chiado, I decided to explore the hill adjacent to the main street where all sorts of shops are tucked away in wonderful old buildings.

I hiked up and down the streets and came across this shop that had interesting books and illustrations in the windows, O Mundo do Livro, The World of the Book.

Inside, I found myself exploring three floors of wonderful prints and old books as I climbed a beautiful wood staircase.

On the top floor were housed, along with other treasures, original engravings about the plays of Shakespeare

A portion of the mural along the staircase.

I will go back when I move into my new home and select some very special pieces.

There is so much to see in Lisbon that I don’t think I will ever see all of its delights and surprises but I will certainly try.

Dora Taylor

4 thoughts on “Adventures in the ER, hamburgers in Portugal and a shop of prints

  1. Thank you! I enjoyed this post so much and hope to some day taste some of the wonderful food. Nice to know that there is a place that will satisfy my American burger craving. Stuck in Oregon but hope to visit next year


  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. Medical care is the one thing that worries us about our move to Portugal. Would you mind telling us if you had insurance and also how much the whole experience cost? Thank you very much.


    1. I have coverage under Medis and will receive a partial refund for ER services.

      The cost of the ER visit was 55 euros and included the sling.

      My follow-up visit with the orthopedic doctor was 15 euros.

      The medication for pain and one additional prescription was 11 euros.

      Much of this cost will be refunded also.

      If you have additional questions, you can contact me via Facebook. I am the only Dora Taylor on FB.


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