Love in the time of the Coronavirus…and more

Horses along my walk.

The title of this post has been on my mind for a while and I’m even thinking about writing a short novel based just on the title “Love in the time of COVID19”.

In the comments, please share how it’s been for you. Are you isolated from your loved ones or partner? Are you together and working out ways to stay together during this time of uncertainty? What’s working and what isn’t?

In the meantime, I’ll share with you what I’ve been doing and also what’s going on in Cascais and beyond for my friends who live across the Atlantic.

Every day I take a long walk and today I ventured further than usual to discover Guincho Beach.

The dunes above Guincho Beach.

I had discovered the Dunes of Cresmina above the beach previously but decided today to go to the beach that I had heard so much about.

People were out walking, running and biking along the bike route headed to the beaches for fresh air and exercise. Families, individuals, couples, all keeping a respectful distance and quietly enjoying time in the sun.

The boardwalk can take you through the protected dunes of Cresmina to the beach.


Small animal prints in the sand.


Needless to say, I have found my summer beach hangout.

Because it is not wise for me to venture out right now to discover new places, I can at least provide helpful information that I have come across that might benefit the readers of this blog.

Daily life in Cascais

This is a peaceful country and now even more so.

Everyone is respectful of personal space and keeping their distance although we still greet each other with bom dia, boa tarde or boa noite.

The streets are quiet but people do go out for walks.

The government of Portugal was on top of this pandemic early on with news conferences just about every day providing information on the virus, precautions to take and how it has been spreading.

Even before the directive came down by the President of Portugal, businesses were taking precautions and the general public was self-isolating.

Here is a line to enter the LIDL grocery store that is closest to where I live.

There were about six of us allowed in at a time.


Zoom groups

There is a close expat group of women in the Lisbon area that meet weekly in Lisbon but because of the situation, it was decided to have a Zoom call and what a great idea!

We all had our wine and cocktails set up with munchies and chatted for an hour. It was so enjoyable that we will be doing this every week until we can meet again in person.
This is highly recommended for any group and there is a free option of Zoom available.

One of the members of the group offered this handy guide

covid wine tour

We have not lost our sense of humor 😉

Free exercise classes online

Another option for people now are free fitness classes online.

Holmes Place, a health and fitness club with locations throughout Portugal, is closed but decided to offer free classes online, including Pilates, Yoga, Zumba and stretching.

Check it out!


All COVID19 related information translated into English

For English speaking expats, a very kind person has translated all of the pertinent information about COVID19 and directives published in Portuguese from the national newspaper Publica.

Thank you!!!!

The directive to be followed by the government of Portugal

A directive came out on Friday of what businesses will be open and guidelines for all to follow during this time of isolation.

It’s in Portuguese but at the end of this post, is the list translated into English.

Also, for anyone who is not aware of this, Google Translate is very handy at translating large amounts of information.

Additional information in English

There is also Safe Communities Portugal that offers information for English speaking expats on news affecting the health and well-being of the population as a whole and provides up to date information on COVID19.

Basically everyone is dong their part on contributing support, information and expertise.

We are all in this together.

When architecture shows solidarity with China combating Coronavirus. The Azadi Tower in Tehran illuminated to support China combating COVID19.

I learned long ago that when people go through difficult times together, they become closer in the end and I see that happening with all of us one way or another. We will get through this and when we do, there will be a stronger bond between all of us.

-Dora Taylor


Post Script: The list of do’s and don’ts for the people of Portugal.

These are the facilities and establishments that will be open:

Mini-markets, supermarkets, hypermarkets;
Fruit shops, butchers, fishmongers, bakeries;
Markets, in the case of sale of food products;
Agri-food production and distribution;
Catering and drinks, under the terms of this decree;
Preparation of meals ready to take home, under the terms of this decree;
Medical services or other health and social support services;
Pharmacies and places of sale of non-prescription drugs;
Medical and orthopedic products establishments;
Cosmetic and hygiene products establishments;
Establishments of natural and dietary products;
Essential public services and respective repair and maintenance (water, electricity, natural gas and piped liquefied petroleum gases, electronic communications, postal services, wastewater collection and treatment service, wastewater collection and treatment services, water management services urban solid waste and urban hygiene and passenger transport service);
Stationery and tobacconists (newspapers, tobacco);
Social games;
Veterinary clinics;
Sales establishments for pets and their food;
Establishments selling flowers, plants, seeds and fertilizers;
Washing and dry cleaning establishments for textiles and furs;
Hardware stores and outlets selling DIY supplies;
Fuel filling stations;
Sales establishments for fuels for domestic use;
Maintenance and repair establishments for motor vehicles and motorcycles, tractors and agricultural machinery, as well as the sale of parts and accessories and towing services;
Sales and repair establishments for home appliances, computer and communications equipment and respective repair;
Banking, financial and insurance services;
Funeral and related activities;
Home maintenance and repair services;
Security or home surveillance services;
Cleaning, disinfection, rat removal and similar activities;
Home delivery services;
Tourist establishments, except campsites, where they can provide food and drink services at the establishment exclusively for the respective guests;
Services that guarantee student accommodation.
Activities and establishments listed in the previous numbers, even if integrated into shopping centers.

Installations and equipment that will close:

Recreational, leisure and fun activities:
Discotheques, bars and dance or party halls;
Amusement parks and recreational parks for children and the like;
Water parks and zoos, without prejudice to workers’ access for the purposes of animal care;
Any places for leisure sports;
Other locations or facilities similar to the previous ones.
Cultural and artistic activities:
Auditoriums, cinemas, theaters and concert halls;
Museums, monuments, palaces and archaeological or similar sites (interpretive centers, caves, etc.), national, regional and municipal, public or private, without prejudice to workers’ access for conservation and security purposes;
Libraries and archives;
Bullfighting squares, places and facilities.
Art galleries and exhibition halls;
Congress pavilions, multipurpose rooms, conference rooms and multipurpose pavilions;
Sports activities, except those intended for the activity of high-performance athletes:
Football, rugby and similar fields;
Pavilions or enclosures;
Futbal, basketball, handball, volleyball, roller hockey and similar pavilions;
Firing ranges;
Tennis courts, paddle courts and the like;
Skating rinks, ice hockey and the like;
Boxing rings, martial arts and the like;
Permanent circuits for motorcycles, automobiles and the like;
Racecourses and similar tracks;
Multisport pavilions;
Gymnasiums and gyms;
Athletics tracks;
Activities in open spaces, spaces and public roads, or spaces and private roads equivalent to public roads:
Cycling, motorcycling, motoring and similar routes, except those intended for the activity of high-performance athletes;
Nautical events and exhibitions;
Aeronautical tests and exhibitions;
Parades and popular parties or folkloric or other manifestations of any nature.
Gaming and betting spaces:
Gambling establishments, such as bingo or similar;
Game rooms and recreational rooms.
Restoration activities:
Restaurants and the like, coffee shops, tea houses and the like, with the exceptions of this decree;
Bars and the like;
Hotel bars and restaurants, except for the latter for the purpose of delivering meals to guests;
Vending machines.
Spa and spas or similar establishments.

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